вівторок, 19 червня 2012 р.

Design for "ALMAZ" SP.ZO.O (ALMAZ Co., Ltd.)

Logo for the Polish company "Almaz" Ltd, which is engaged in mineral fertilizers wholesale.

"Almaz" means "diamond".

Diamonds are used as parts of cutting tools and measuring instruments in industry - for example, when measuring the hardness of metals and alloys.
We choose this fact as a basis for logo design and development.
There are several methods for measuring the hardness of metals and alloys.
One of them, the Vickers method, is using a diamond indenter, which has a shape of regular four-sided  pyramid with an angle of 136 degrees between opposite faces.

Here is the first stylized design.
It does not look very attractive, so we keep working on it's shape.
And finally we get the desired result.

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