середа, 21 березня 2012 р.

Corporate Identifier

The corporate identifier (the guide-line) based on the existing logo has been designed  for Axioma-Agro LLC.
The guide-line volume is 26 pages. (The guide-line counts 26 pages.)
The logotype is registered in the Ukrainian institute for industrial property.

понеділок, 19 березня 2012 р.

For Sale

Unpaid or unaccepted developments are for sale.
The copyright is confirmed by the first publication on https://www.odesk.com 
Date of development  12/30/2010
Logos can be adapted for the buyer's needs.
Double logo for a horse breeding company.
HORSEHOUSE - The name can be replaced with your company name
Price: 50$
The customer is provided with files in the .eps format,
including the logo, colours and layout in CMYK, variants in colour and monochrome.